Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to do the dishes

There are a few people who may enjoy dish washing. Majority of us hate this painful process. There are always a big pile of dishes that needs to be cleaned up. It can be terrifying and most of us do not know where to start! We try to rush through the job, but washing the dishes as soon as possible is not a remedy. Try to do the washing thoroughly, because the dishes may remain dirty after you have cleaned them. No one likes to do the same job twice.

Usually we put all their dirty dishes in the sink. When it comes time to do the dishes you should turn on hot water and squirt soap all over the dishes. Let the water fill up so it mostly covers the dishes. Do plates, bowls, mugs first, then glasses and silverware, then pots and pans.

Use the hottest water, don't scald yourself. When you are scrubbing something in warm, soapy water, it will come clean more quickly. Don’t fill the sink all the way to the top, make it about half full. Add a little bit of dish soap,wash every part of the dishes and items. Remove hard water spots by adding some vinegar to the rinse water. Don't forget to wear a pair of rubber gloves. Always put on gloves during dish washing, because you want to make sure that your hands are well protected. Replace the water and add more soap whenever it becomes too full of gunk to clean next dishes. Also, don't forget to wash out the sink.

There are two ways to wash your dishes: by hand or in the dishwasher. You can also chose the second variant, because preparing dishes for the dishwasher is a much shorter process, especially if you have one of the newer dishwashers that will practically scrape off everything.

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